Pissed Jeans, Honeys

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 02.11.13 in Reviews

Despite their gruff exterior, the Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Jesus (Lizard) freaks Pissed Jeans, are actually pretty hilarious. When lead yeller Matt Korvette isn’t “in the hallway screaming’” (that’s from riotous opener “Bathroom Laughter”), he can often be found smirking. Take this knee-slapper from slow-grind midway point, “Cafeteria Food,” for example: “Hey there, project manager, I saw you eatin’ cafeteria food/ So you wanna call that a healthy choice/ well, I’d argue that isn’t true.” Elsewhere, on the barn-burning punk pisser, “Health Plan,” he offers the following advice: “You wanna know my secret? I stay away from doctors.”

Snarling and spitting, growling and kicking

Snarling and spitting, growling and kicking, Honeys won’t surprise those who love Pissed Jeans, nor is it likely to attract those that deplore the band. “Write what you know,” as they say, and Pissed Jeans knows pummeling, antisocial punk. “Romanticize Me” argues against its title with a toxic attitude and charging riffs; “Cathouse” wallows in its own misery, eventually riding it out of town on a guitar solo; “Teenage Adult” ends the whole thing on a appropriately brutal note, a battering ram of chugging Melvins riffs. You’d think four dudes who all recently became fathers would be tamer than this; thankfully, they’ve hung onto the chutzpah that made them great from the start.