Pink Floyd, More (Original Film Soundtrack)

Dan Epstein

By Dan Epstein

on 06.08.11 in Reviews

More (Original Film Sountrack) (2011 - Remaster)

Pink Floyd
A film soundtrack worthy of further investigation

While Syd Barrett's untimely exit thwarted the band's continued ascent of the U.K. pop charts, Pink Floyd remained a very popular live draw on the British and European university circuit, and they further beefed up their collegiate cred by writing and recording the soundtrack to More, avant-garde filmmaker Barbet Schroeder's tale of romance and heroin addiction on the Spanish isle of Ibiza. Recorded in early 1969, the soundtrack sees Roger Waters fully grabbing the creative reins for the first time; with the exception of David Gilmour's brief acoustic goof "A Spanish Piece," Waters has at least a co-writing credit on every More track, and several of the album's highlights — like the hard-rocking "Nile Song" and "Ibiza Bar" and the atmospheric ballads "Cirrus Minor" and "Green is the Colour" — are credited to him alone. While several of the shorter tracks here merely sound like not-particularly-inspired movie cues ("Up the Khyber," "Party Sequence," "More Blues"), the extended instrumental excursions "Main Theme" and "Quicksilver" are agreeably trippy, and you can pretty much trace a direct line from the slow-burning and deeply alienated "Cymbaline" through to Dark Side of the Moon's "Breathe" and The Wall's "Comfortably Numb." Though hardly a classic album in the Floyd canon, More remains worthy of further investigation.