Percee P, Perseverance

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Perseverance is pretty much the height of understatement for what Percee P has gone through to get to this point. P released his debut single in 1988 and his major label bid in 1992, "Lung Collapsing Lyrics," seemed to augur widespread fame and unimaginable fortune. But neither came and P gave up the rap game, spending much of the decade working in retail.

That all changed in the late '90s, when P decided to give rapping his full attention, which led to him standing outside New York's renowned Fat Beats record store peddling his demos to anyone that happened to come inside. This led to interest from a variety of parties, not least of which was Peanut Butter Wolf, head of Stones Throw Records.

After realizing that the rapper didn't have a deal, Wolf snapped him up and put him in a studio with Madlib. And after three long years of waiting, it's finally here. The result? Awesome. Percee's rapping has hardly slowed down a bit since the late '80s, allowing him to fit in an unexpected amount of content into his rhymes. It doesn't hurt that Madlib is also on the top of his game, giving P suitably epic ("The Man to Praise"), funky ("Who With Me") and minimal ("Mastered Craftsman") backdrops to weave his narratives over, depending on his needs. Give it up: A legend is reborn.