The Blueprint Project with Han Bennink, People I Like

Kevin Whitehead

By Kevin Whitehead

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Boston trio adds Dutch super-drummer and anarchist Han Bennink to the mix, with exciting results.

Boston's oddball reeds/guitar/piano trio Blueprint Project write pieces with clear, well-defined rhythmic contours, albeit knotty ones. (Monk's quirky timing is back there someplace.) They also have a distinctive way of weaving around each other, avoiding duplication of parts, making the most of skeletal instrumentation. That said, on record they often team up with guest rhythm players. For People I Like they add Dutch super-drummer and anarchist Han Bennink; their naming one tune "Herbie Nichols" (for the great '50s pianist and Dutch/Bennink favorite) is like putting out the welcome mat for him (Jared Sims's raucous clarinet and the track's sliding-downhill momentum make it a triple treat.) Han thrives in such rhythmically-charged environments, apt to reinforce a groove (the samba-lypso "Captain Salvy Sets Sail"), come up with a new one (hear the polyrhythmic churn midway through "The Holly Stomp") or energize more open material, like "Nu Moon at Yoshi's."