Peel, Peel

Lucy O'Brien

By Lucy O'Brien

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A debut packed with ideas and ambition.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Peel combine loose rhythms with layers of psych guitar, and their debut is packed with ideas and ambition. Hinged around Josh Permenter's smart, quirky lyrics and keyboardist Allison Moore's melodic flourishes, these songs rock with a full-tilt experimental energy. Stylistically, they're all over the lot: Krautrock-inspired on the epic "Bells," kicking out the Roxy Music-style jams on "Moxie Blues," hinting at ’70s-vintage Stones in the frustrated drawl of "Sliding Doors." Then there's the two-minute blast of "Oxford" and a hit of raucous, speed-fuelled rigour in "In the City" (“So long to those dusty roads,” they yell). Permenter sings of recovering from love gone wrong, ditching those slacker blues and getting out to make a mark on the world. Judging by the glorious freak-out 'til fade of "Navy Waves," Peel are set to do just that.