Lungfish, Pass and Stow

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
One of the band’s most cohesive and consistently powerful albums.

This and 1996's Sound in Time, are the band's most cohesive and consistently powerful albums. They marked the end of what I once heard a D.C. musician affectionately call Lungfish's "pre-bunker period." The music had locked into what became a minutely shifting formula: guitarist Asa Osbourne's hypnotic guitar riffs (riff?) would loop over and over as drummer Mitchell Feldstein found new and impossibly subtle variations in loping triplets. As the music got more insular, Higgs just got weirder. "Cleaner Than Your Surroundings" sports overwhelming guitar worthy of the loudest shoegazer, while Higgs yells of "Telling lies, apologizing/ For our love of country/ Dirt and tree bug river/ Blue jay chair leg/ Parking meter pinwheel sport coat/ Rudder bucket TELESCOPIC!" Future albums got slower and more deliberate, to the point where the more recent work of this now nearly 20-year old band has found a new fan base with, of all people, doom-metal fans.