Luomo, Paper Tigers

Sarah Tonen

By Sarah Tonen

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
More sensuous glitch-house from the master.

Techno is often said to be faceless, thanks in large part to the many monikers some producers use. Take Finland's Sasu Ripatti, who releases music under a variety of aliases, most notably Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo and, most famous of all, Luomo. It was Luomo that sparked the attention of both club-hopping jet-setters and stay-at-home IDM fans thanks to Vocal City, an album that continues to sound as mysterious and futuristic as it did upon its 2000 release. Ripatti's next Luomo record was 2003's The Present Lover, which was less nerve-racked but still plenty sensuous. Three years on, Paper Tigers is yet another slight turn from the initial Luomo template. Here, Ripatti's work takes on a flatter affect; the wisps of sound that suggested bottomless space on the earlier records sound a little more earthbound, and the stabbing vocal repetitions are a bit more forcefully applied here. Still, Ripatti still composes bass lines that lodge in your brain, and he does the same with his sung snippets: the highlight of Paper Tigers, "Really Don't Mind," is as resonant as anything he's composed under any name.