Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio, Pakistani Pomade

Steve Smith

By Steve Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
European free improv trio pushes further into the realms of unfettered expression.

Progressive European musicians seized upon the radical power of American free-jazz artists such as Albert Ayler and Cecil Taylor in the early '70s, then pushed further still into previously uncharted realms of unfettered expression. Among the most powerful and lasting units in what became known as European free improvisation is the trio of German pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach, British saxophonist Evan Parker and German percussionist Paul Lovens. Like an atomic physicist, the pianist cracks open tiny melodic cells to release explosive energies on Pakistani Pomade, the group's recorded debut; Parker's snarling, squealing saxophone and Lovens's chattering percussion ideally complement the pianist's vivid whorls.