Pablo Moses, Revolutionary Dream

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 05.29.12 in Reviews

Revolutionary Dream

Pablo Moses

[To celebrate the release of the first PiL record in thirty years, we handed the keys to eMusic's editorial to punk legend and post-punk pioneer John Lydon. Check out his candid interview; follow along with his head-spinning guided tour of his eMusic favorites; and follow along with his hand-selected Reviews of the Day, all week.. -Ed]

John Lydon says

“Brilliant record, and a complete political person, with a definite Cuban Communist lean! The sound is stunning — the minimalism of the guitaring is just genius for me, with those very neat, almost Neil Young-ish inflections every now and then. There’s a hint of country in there, with a strict reggae backbeat. It’s all about sentiment, and how that motivates you inside your head. So for me that is a great piece of singing, because the message is clearly got across. Very inspiring record.