Shy Child, One With The Sun

Andy Battaglia

By Andy Battaglia

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

One With The Sun

Shy Child
A unique, electronic-fueled take on post-punk.

An intriguing young band with ties to the electronic-minded art-rock troupe El Guapo, Shy Child mine ground covered by the likes of the Rapture without sounding too indebted to post-punk past. Dashes of dance-rock and electroclash flavor One with the Sun, but the songs themselves squirm beyond the reach of simple shapes and formulaic fusion. "The Noise Won't Stop" tops skittering drum machines and squiggly electro riffs with shout-along vocals sung in praise to a washing machine (long the favored appliance of dance music fans). "Sunshine" trips and tumbles over overdriven synthesizers and bashing drums, circling around a surprising tribute to the Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock hit "Joy and Pain." Songs like "Summer" land much closer to melodic indie-rock, but even they trail off through spells of electronic jamming and spacey bridges that often turn tracks around midway through. The grooves are hot and ceaseless, but even more impressive are the ways they're tweaked and tacked back together.