Mono, One Step More and You Die

Tim Chester

By Tim Chester

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The masterpiece of Japan’s finest purveyors of crescendo-core.

Formed at the turn of the millennium in Tokyo, Mono are Japan's best-known and arguably most accomplished practitioners of crescendo-core. They weren't born excellent, however. It's on this, their second album, where their creative partnership came of age. Head straight to "Com(?)" for a quarter of an hour of titanic noisemongering, which punctures quiet periods with monolithic walls of guitar noise, or "A Speeding Car," a track built on a volume gradient so long it covers pretty much every decibel level human ears can comprehend. A remixed version of album, featuring DJ Olive and Jackie-O Motherfucker was released a year after the original. This turned out to be a relatively quiet, ambient affair, which is interesting because One Step reaches some truly epic amplitude.