Various Artists – One Little Indian, One Little Indian Presents

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

One Little Indian Presents

Various Artists - One Little Indian

Started in the UK almost 20 years ago, One Little Indian is best known in the US as a home of Björk's (there can never be just one; like the winds, she is all around us), though it features many other excellent artists, including veteran thinking-person's songwriter Lloyd Cole, grandiose Icelanders Sigur Rós, early Brit-poppers Kitchens of Distinction, Greg Dulli's Twilight Singers, dream-pop auteurs A.R. Kane, visionary post-rockers Disco Inferno and their newest signing, Without Gravity (look for their debut album, Tenderfoot, on Tuesday). There isn't a One Little Indian sound so much as a texture: all of these artists, whether they dabble in electronics or the stringed instruments of yore, play music that is somehow plush, soft to the touch and immersive in large doses. Check out this sampler of One Little Indian's wares, available for free in its entirety from June 18 through June 20.