Dixie Witch, One Bird, Two Stones

Kandia Crazy Horse

By Kandia Crazy Horse

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Sped up Lone Star blues and highway songs that sound just like yo’ Daddy’s stoner rock.

Texas 'Dixie Witch speed up two decades of Lone Star blues and highway songs to the cusp of metal. Roaring on a knife-edge, the songs on this, their second release, are salvaged from Revolver-mag oblivion by sudden bursts of Dixie-fried guitar solos worthy of sharing the stage with at least the more commercial lineage of the Marshall Tucker Band and Black Oak Arkansas. (And perhaps this is to what Dixie Witch aspires…?) If only radio formats would switch back to AOR "freeform" in time to corroborate their sound and vision. Eschewing the headbangin 'tedium of their peers 'version of "keepin 'it hard," these boys 'music is more akin to yo 'Daddy's stoner rock.