Oh No, Ohnomite

Nate Patrin

By Nate Patrin

on 06.05.12 in Reviews
No-frills punchline lyrics and lo-fi indie-g-funk production

Rudy Ray Moore’s Dolemite persona was a shit-talking raconteur who made even the jankiest-looking martial arts moves seem cool. Naturally, every corner of hip-hop adopted him as a godfather figure — the Beasties, Method Man and OutKast invoked him, Snoop and Kane and 2 Live Crew parlayed with him, and Oh No’s assembled the biggest cast of characters yet to pay homage to the man. Ohnomite keeps it all hanging together with Oh No’s usual approach, his no-frills punchline lyrics and lo-fi indie-g-funk production palette seamlessly incorporating Moore’s raw spirit. Some of the cast-of-dozens guest spots jump out in particular: a gravelly MF DOOM cracking wise on “3 Dollars,” Phife Dawg dropping elder advice on the blunted noir-soul of “Dues N Don’ts,” and the omnipresent Roc Marciano sneering iced razors on “The Hitmen.” But one voice dominates — the Human Tornado his MFin’ self.