Caninus, Now The Animals Have A Voice

Michael Azerrad

By Michael Azerrad

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Who let the dogs out?

You know how all those grindcore singers kind of sound like growling pit bulls? Well, Caninus just cut to the chase — their lead singer actually is a growling pit bull. Make that two pit bulls, named Budgie and Basil. Caninus 'MySpace page boldly claims they're "The World's First Ever [sic] Animal-Fronted Band." Try telling that to the Bermuda Tree Frogs, fellas. Now, I make no claims for the musical worth of this endeavor, but you gotta throw them a bone for the concept. "Bite the Hand that Feeds You" is as good an example as any, but probably the best track here isn't musical — it's the aptly titled "Studio Guy Gets Pissed," in which Budgie and Basil apparently try to bust a move, prompting some indignant protestations by the titular recordist: "WHOAH! HEY! WHOAH! C'mon, man, this isn't a fuckin 'park! Can you get the dogs back in the vocal booth please?"