Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, Not For Kids Only

Madelyn Rosenberg

By Madelyn Rosenberg

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A friendship built on traditional music.

Traditional music helped spur the friendship between Garcia and Grisman and it's captured here in an album released just a couple of years before Garcia's death at age 53. The two musicians'closeness is palpable in their lyrical banter on "Jenny Jenkins" and "Arkansas Traveler," but more, in the lively interplay between the iconic Garcia's guitar and Grisman's “dawg-style” mandolin. (Note: I'm not talking Snoop here; Grisman's “dawg-style” came far earlier, a blend of wide-ranging influences that include bluegrass, jazz and swing.) Here, kids can witness the duo's acoustic mastery on music they'll respond to, like Elizabeth Cotten's "Freight Train" and standards like "Hot Corn, Cold Corn" and "Hopalong Peter."