David Hasselhoff, Night Rocker

Glenn Kenny

By Glenn Kenny

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Discover what thousands of Germans already know.

This collection yields some tantalizing clues to the abiding mystery of Hasselhoff's ascendance as a pop idol in Germany. The Knight Rider and Baywatch star offers not only a believable impression of generic All-American hunkiness, but material and delivery of astonishing wishy-washiness. No sooner does he announce himself as "the Night Rocker," out to "rock you all night long" than he backtracks, assuring us he doesn't have anything "against the morning light," but merely finds something "special about the night." And note that the promise of "Our First Night Together" is provisional — "this could be our first night…" he sings. And so on, over backing tracks slathered with pre-Max-Martin Eurosheen. Add it all up and you've got something sexy and safe for both fraulein and hausfrau.