Sloan, Never Hear the End of It

Johnny Black

By Johnny Black

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Proof positive that Beatlesque power pop never really died.

Proof positive that Beatlesque power pop never really died comes in the shape of Canadian quartet Sloan. Superstars anywhere north of Niagara Falls, they've never quite cracked the rest of the world despite massive critical acclaim for their endlessly inventive, tune-strewn, high-octane songs, recalling the days when pop and rock were frequently the same thing. Since 1992 they've rarely disappointed and their latest album finds them as fecund as ever with a staggering thirty tracks of whack, many of them well under the two-minute barrier, zipping into your field of vision like a skyrocket, exploding into a million colours and then speedily clearing the decks for the next one. "Everybody Wants You" is perfect Lennon-McCartney circa 1965, "Listen to the Radio" transmits its signals across the same universe that John and Paul first explored in 1968 while "Who Taught You to Live Like That" pushes into the '70s by adding a T. Rex glam bounce.