Instituto vs DJ Dolores, Narradores De Javé Remix

Peter Margasak

By Peter Margasak

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Some of the best and most progressive electronic music of Brazil.

This fascinating collection — a couple of original pieces and a load of remixes — of music from the 2003 film Narradores de Jave functions as a great introduction to some of the best and most progressive electronic music happening in Brazil; for good measure, there's some strong hip-hop tossed into the mix. I don't know anything about the film the music comes from, but there's definitely a strong Pernambuco flavor to it. Of course, once these remixers get done, it's not always so easy to detect. Instituto is one of Sao Paolo's best production crews, while DJ Dolores (aka Helder Aragao) is one of Recife's most forward-looking musicians. Some tracks merely tweak traditional fiddle music, while other tunes only retain a sample-length snippet — for our purposes, the soundtrack merely provides a context. Among the participants are the great rapper Bnegao, M. Takara (a great producer who also works in the Sao Paulo Underground with Rob Mazurek, as well as the post-rock band Hurtmold), and the highly original rock band Cidadão Instigado.