Chorus Of Tribes, Myth

Andy Battaglia

By Andy Battaglia

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

For a brief while, some people believed this debut from Chorus of Tribes (which is actually Englishman Simon Hulbert) was a collaboration between Enigma and Deep Forest. That's understandable enough, as it takes the lush tones and beats of the former and the ethnic samples of the latter as jumping-off points. But the overall sound is definitely Hulbert's own, ranging from the transparent dreaminess of "Rain Song" to the widescreen musical panorama of "Hiyahhyahey," with its Native American vocal sample and often urgent rhythm. There's a strongly romantic sensibility behind all the tracks, and an ingenious knack for melodies that unfold slowly and sometimes (as on the title cut) quite gloriously. For the most part, the samples become another instrument in his musical arsenal, used sparingly and effectively. But on the very African "Ikkijungle," they provide a powerful inspiration for the track, steering it on a charged rhythmic path.