My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Jonah Bayer

By Jonah Bayer

on 02.01.11 in Reviews

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance

It’s only apt that My Chemical Romance close out this list, since they were the last band of this era to propel emo into the 20th century. In fact, songs like “Helena” took the basic emo sound and added in the grandiosity of Queen to create a sound that helped not only fully commercialize the genre, but also proved that you could have a musical scope that spanned decades without sacrificing your inner crybaby. Admittedly, “I’m Not Okay” is sonic light years away from Rites of Spring’s “Drink Deep,” but whether your first name is Guy or Gerard, the bleeding hearts and dewy eyes behind the songs is the only thing that truly matters.