Colourmusic, My ____ Is Pink

Ian Gittins

By Ian Gittins

on 05.16.11 in Reviews

Ryan Hendrix, frontman for psychedelic Oklahomans Colourmusic, has described their sophomore offering as a narrative-free concept album focusing on human sexuality and reproduction. It's a portentous claim that might lead you to suspect he is overthinking his band's modus operandi; luckily, their expansive, kaleidoscopic music is as natural and unforced as it is life-affirming.

Expansive, kaleidoscopic music that’s as natural as it is life-affirming

Colourmusic share a manager with fellow Okies The Flaming Lips, whom they have also supported, and they mirror that band's sense of profound, subversive mischief when ladling out tracks such as "Tog" and "The Beast With Two Backs," both of which are exercises in mesmerising, pulverising drone rock reminiscent of Spacemen 3 or even My Bloody Valentine. There are further echoes of serrated Brit indie in the sumptuous "You For Leaving Me," which recalls first-generation shoegazers the Jesus & Mary Chain and Chapterhouse; the 10-minute "The Little Death (In Five Parts)" is a ferocious prog-rock journey to the heart of the sun worthy of comparison with Can. Gently setting aside Hendrix's convoluted theorising, My ____ Is Pink turns out to be a rare beast: a fantastic wig-out noise-rock record with tunes, and a cerebral, knowing suite of songs best enjoyed with the volume wrenched and the mind emptied.