Various Artists, Mutant Disco Volume #3: Garage Sale

Barry Walters

By Barry Walters

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Mutant Disco Volume #3: Garage Sale

Various Artists
Further adventures in the nebulous region between punk and disco.

The last installment of ZE's club-targeted compilations lives up to its “Garage Sale” subtitle not so much through the inclusion of tracks popularized at the Paradise Garage. Those are found instead on the first two volumes, although Was (Not Was) vocalist Sweet Pea Atkinson's Was-fueled “Dance or Die” did get a few spins there, and the club's legendary DJ Larry Levan does add a clattering drum machine to his unusually unremarkable remix of Kid Creole's Afrobeat tribute, “There's Something Wrong in Paradise.” Instead, the set resembles an actual garage sale dominated by stuff rejected by most shoppers. Amidst later-day ZE releases of unremarkable techno-funk, two gems await rediscovery: Suicide's uncharacteristically perky “Dream Baby Dream,” which includes production courtesy of the Cars'Ric Ocasek, and Aural Exciters'”Maladie d'Amour,” an August Darnell/Andy Hernandez composition that recalls Dr. Buzzard but with a coy and classy vocal from Taana Gardner who soon blew up via her much-sampled 1981 street-groove classic “Heartbeat.”