Various Artists, Música De Futebol

Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Música De Futebol

Various Artists
A matching of Brazil�s beautiful game and beautiful music

While European fans have the terrace chant, the smooth groove of samba provides the soundtrack to the Brazilian game. This album was co-compiled by author Alex Bellos. In his book Futebol, Bellos quotes defender Domingos discussing how dancing to samba made him such a great footballer. Listening to this collection it's not hard to see to the parallels between samba rhythms and the way the Brazilians still play the beautiful game. Featured, of course, is "Mas Que Nada" — recorded in 1963 by the Tampa Trio, through its use in a series of Nike World Cup adverts it has become synonymous with the sport. The album also boasts some timeless moments of commentary, including the mayhem that accompanied Carlos Alberto scoring the best-loved World Cup goal in the fading moments of the 1970 final. Collectors of exotica should also listen to the duet between Pelé and popular singer Ellis Regina on "Perdão, Não Tem," one of Pelé's many overlooked musical compositions.