Halo Of Flies, Music For Insect Minds

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
An essential document of a generation’s brutal scuzz.

Motörhead as a mod band? The MC5 stripped of the blues? The baseball bat with which the Ramones beat on the brat? All of this and more. AmRep's aesthetic-defining flagship released singles and comps of singles, and this is just one jaw-dropping smart bomb after another, thanks to Hazelmyer's saw-toothed guitar slashes and a frantic, Who-ish rhythm section. "Music" starts with the band's 1991 swan song, the downright melodic "Tired and Cold," and closes with early (and comparatively lo-fi) salvos such as "Clowns" and "Thoughts in a Booth." The sprawling middle section is just amazing — everything from "No Time" to a gnarly cover of the Cramps '"Human Fly" is thrillingly tight, relentlessly aggressive basement punk, an essential document of a generation's brutal scuzz.