Murs and 9th Wonder, Murray’s Revenge

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Murray's Revenge

Murs and 9th Wonder
Murs attacks!

Murray's Revenge is the second collaboration between Living Legend Murs and Little Brother's 9th Wonder. And, like its predecessor, 3:16, the duo successfully occupy the delicate middle ground between the head-in-sand mentality of indie hip-hoppers and the head-in-clouds mindsets of their commercial cousins. Murs sidesteps the issue by keeping things smart and succinct. There's no time for skits and, thankfully, no time to make unnecessary nods to the club. Murs is too busy staying true to his woman ("Love & Affection") or getting his hair cut (“Barbershop”) for all that. 9th Wonder, of course, cemented his name with a credit on Jay-Z's Black Album and he doesn't disappoint here, either. “Murray's Law” bumps even with a queasy whirling sample in the background and “Dreamchaser” mashes up a few dusty soul samples into its satisfyingly chunky beat. Unconsciously conscious hip-hop? It just might be.