Andy Beta

By Andy Beta

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Looks


For those who can't afford to buy the vowels, Toronto's "Master Kraft" evolved from a side project between Death From Above 1979's bassist Jesse Keeler and co-producer Alex Puodziukas into a full-on affair. If you're incapable of taking on the Lightning Bolt duo format, then why not switch to the Daft Punk model? The power-duo metal spazz-outs of DFA1979 were certainly more physically taxing than the vocoded electropop that both Keeler and Puodziukas revel in here, and not nearly as much guilty fun. The crunchy guitars and sweat-dappled drum kit of the former are swapped out for banks of pawn store keyboards and drum machines with a bit of gunk that make the "handclap" preset stick.

Mstrs of the Disco.

Knowing metal moves are replaced right out of the box by MSTRKRFT on "Work On You," a devout fondness for 8-bit blips and Styx's 80's hit, "Kilroy Was Here," are both evident. Vocals are streamlined into pleading robo-speak (see "Easy Love"), the synth stabs ratcheting up and down steady as clockwork (rather than Kraftwerk). A fem-bot tempers the 808s on the title track and "She's Good for Business." No doubt the boys in MSTRKRFT took this lesson to heart when they started: hot girls always dance on '80s Nights.