Mr. Oizo, Stade 2

Lee Smith

By Lee Smith

on 11.28.11 in Reviews

There’s always been more to Mr Oizo than “Flat Eric,” though that track’s latest resurrection as a dubstep anthem can’t help but inform the tone of his sixth album, which is arguably his clearest call to the dancefloor to date. One of the few dance producers to successfully navigate the ‘runaway hit’ ghetto, his madcap collages of furious beats and multi-layered samples have often infuriated and delighted in equal measure. To its benefit, Stade 2 reins in Oizo’s most wayward inclinations, each cut-up squiggle seemingly precision-engineered for maximum impact.

His clearest call to the dancefloor

Eschewing the current techno trend for lengthy, hypnotic tracks based on subtle repetition, all of the cuts here clock in at less than three-and-a-half minutes, delivering blast after blast of fizzing electro energy. Every conceivable frequency is stuffed with fills, FX and overdriven drama, packing some brutal sonic clout even in its slower moments. But as you’d expect from the director of a film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with its psychic powers (2010′s Rubber), any lingering aggressive tendencies are inevitably shot through with an endearing dose of surreal Gallic humour, ensuring that Oizo’s ferocity is never less than fun.