Mr. Dream, Trash Hit

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 08.03.11 in Reviews

Trash Hit

Mr. Dream

The new Brooklyn band Mr. Dream has chosen to pick up and wield an old, little-used old shard of ’90s alternative rock: the leering, misanthropic mongoloid stomp of the Jesus Lizard. It is a shrewd moment to revive this particular roar, as the current indie rock landscape is mostly devoid of leering, locker-shoving bullies. But the best compliment one could pay Mr. Dream’s debut album Trash Hit is to say that it would stand up just as well if it were released in the heyday of Lizard and the Melvins. The guitars lurch queasily in various stages of brutal down-tuning; the drums hit with bone-cracking force; and lead vocalist Adam Moerder howls and cackles with the gleeful, mad-professor mien of someone who has glimpsed the bloody end and cannot stop giggling.