Various Artists, Movement: Soul: Documentary

Ron Wynn

By Ron Wynn

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Movement: Soul: Documentary

Various Artists

Anyone seeking one disc that truly captures the flavor of the South during the mid '60s will enjoy this collection of speeches, folk songs, chants and other items culled from the protest period. The feeling that change was in the air permeates the various group songs, while speakers constantly exhort marchers not to be intimidated, cowed or discouraged by what they would encounter. The courage it took for participants to knowingly head into ugly, violent situations without being able to respond or fight back is reaffirmed by the power and zeal expressed in the speeches and songs. Listeners who grew up during the civil rights era — and probably anyone else — will find these recordings moving and inspiring. By current standards, they might sometimes seem hopelessly naïve or sentimental, but they perfectly exemplify the mood of the times.