Moonface, With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery

Jillian Mapes

By Jillian Mapes

on 04.17.12 in Reviews
One of the stranger breakup albums in recent years

For the first time since Canadian indie-rock busy bee Spencer Krug started Moonface two years ago, it actually feels like a rock band rather than an aimless art project. The former Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown frontman has someone to thank for that: Helsinki Kraut rockers Siinai, who Krug traveled to Finland to work with on Heartbreaking Bravery. As in the past, Krug delivers exactly what he promises with the album’s breakup-inspired title: Blood, fire and violence are recurring lyrical themes and keywords, yet in the same songs, Krug also presents pithy anecdotes about ex-girlfriends who turned goth and ladies who channel Stevie Nicks. Yet balancing Krug’s longtime experimental whims is Siinai, whose prog-leaning song structures provide both comforting crescendos (“Quickfire, I Tried”) and nervous, dancey ticks (“I’m Not The Phoenix Yet”) on one of the stranger breakup albums in recent years.