Bette Davis, Miss Bette Davis

Glenn Kenny

By Glenn Kenny

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Miss Bette Davis

Bette Davis
Stormy, torchy songs to feed your inner drag queen.

Feed your inner drag queen with this stunning musical journey, recorded in 1976 by Hollywood's hard-living grande dame. The 68-year-old Miss Davis revisits some cinematic highlights — a Margo Channing monologue from All About Eve, an extra-terrifying rendition of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane's "I've Written a Letter to Daddy" — but the real highlights are a rendition of Buffy Sainte Marie's "Until It's Time for You to Go" (a song that makes for uncomfortable listening under the best of circumstances) in which Davis 'bid for Channing-esque vulnerability comes out all graspy and clingy and creepy, and the tres dramatic "Mother of the Bride," which obliterates the line between camp classic and suicide inducer.