Miranda Lambert, Four the Record

Dan Hyman

By Dan Hyman

on 11.01.11 in Reviews

Four The Record

Miranda Lambert

On 2009′s Revolution, Miranda Lambert made mainstream Nashville her personal whipping boy: Her confessional, rough-around-the-edges brand of country was a welcome kick to the genre’s butt. On her aptly-titled fourth solo release, Four the Record — which follows the debut by her stellar trio the Pistol Annies — Lambert, who prefers flashing a Remington over rose petals, retains her signature no-nonsense attitude. But she also noticeably reins it in, revealing a Southern gal that knows you have to relax before reloading.

Retaining her signature no-nonsense attitude

Despite help from seasoned songwriters, the album remains distinctly Miranda. “My reputation follows me around,” she chuckles in “Fastest Girl in Town,” before letting her steely vocals smother a man who simply can’t keep up. While sensually sweeping, the confessions “Oklahoma Sky” and “Dear Diamond” feel too forced, and noticeably deliberate. With Lambert, we’ll take a bullet over a ballad any day.