Mind Spiders, Inhumanistic

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 10.15.13 in Reviews


Mind Spiders
Telegraphing a group unable to sit still

This Texas garage-punk group, featuring members of the Marked Men and Bad Sports, is dropping its third album in as many years, and the nervous, jittery energy of Inhumanistic telegraphs a group unable to sit still. Tracks like the breakneck “Inside You” and bile-filled “They Lie” channel the late, great Jay Reatard in both sound and spirit, almost resembling Blood Visions B-sides. Elsewhere, Devo-esque synths alternately propel (the catchy, chugging, spooky “You Are Mine”) and drag down (the rare, slower lament, “City Stuff”) their material. But even those occasionally downbeat moments are rare bird, the band seemingly much happier to bang out a sub-two-minute middle finger (“Pictures”) or a breathless shouter (“Make Make Make Make”) than pausing for anything even resembling consideration. The whole shambling affair ends on “Oblivion,” an anthemic whirlwind that wipes the slate clean. On to the next one, then, no time to lose.