Milk Maid, Yucca

George Grella

By George Grella

on 07.19.11 in Reviews


Milk Maid
A great beginning that’s fresh, invigorating, tuneful and darkly beautiful

Milk Maid’s debut, Yucca, is everything that smart, strong and personal rock should be. The personal is the sincere vision of songwriter and leader Martin Cohen, which emerges in a tactile, insinuating gauze out of a memory-stream of Roy Orbison, Phil Spector and myriad post-punk. Cohen un-ironically loves the clichés of three chords, a backbeat and a great hook. Rather than just recycling parts of pop, he’s made a record that is fresh, invigorating, tuneful and darkly beautiful. It starts with the tremendous sound; a rich blend of crunchy guitars, Ian Hodson’s effective behind-the-beat drumming, judicious touches of dissonance (“Oh!”) and a great mix that puts Cohen’s voice just under the surface, like he’s coming to us from a dream. Songs like “Dead Wrong” fit vaguely sinister lyrics into graceful, Beach Boys choruses, while “Girl” disguises wrenching heartache with subtly mellow delivery. A great beginning.