Miho Wada, Para Ti

Dave Sumner

By Dave Sumner

on 05.02.12 in Reviews

Para Tí

Miho Wada

Naming her style “Japanese punk jazz,” Miho Wada finds a way to make jazz flute sound both romantic and badass. Performing and training with a diverse group of musicians like Nigel Kennedy, Buena Vista Social Club and Iggy Pop (among others), Wada has developed a very distinctive and enjoyable voice. On this EP, she displays her love of Cuban music with a series of tunes that have plenty of drive without blunting her light touch. It’s always impressive when an artist can create something that is fresh and different while simultaneously respecting the traditions and styles the music springs from. If the preference is for a proper full length album, pick up her 2010 release Postcards To Your Bed.