MHz, MHz Legacy

Nate Patrin

By Nate Patrin

on 10.30.12 in Reviews

Columbus, Ohio’s Mhz made their name in the late ’90s with early singles on the legendary Fondle ‘Em Records such as “World Premier” and “Rocket Science,” and then gained broader exposure with 2001′s Table Scraps. But by the mid ’00s the underground crew was better known for the careers they’d spawned: producer RJD2 and MCs Copywrite and Camu Tao were all on their way to solo breakouts and high-profile collaborations by 2002, while remaining members Tage Proto and Jakki da Motamouth made lower-profile waves on their own. Fate, circumstances and tragedy have brought the remaining members of the crew back together for MHz Legacy, with the late Camu Tao’s spot filled by both a series of unreleased verses and a few guest spots by torch-carrying MCs (Slug, Danny Brown) who acknowledge the influence of his intense, emotional style. While RJD2′s vintage neo-Shadow production style only fills out a handful of tracks – including the tense, symphonic soul of “Out of Room,” the wobbly-kneed funk of “Satisfied,” and the heartstring-pulling Camu tribute “Tero Smith” – it’s as strong a reunion as you could hope for, with no beats missed when it comes to the hyperbolic punchline rap and unfiltered smack-talk that still stands as their stock in trade.