Meridian Brothers, Salvadora Robot

Andy Battaglia

By Andy Battaglia

on 06.17.14 in Reviews

Every song on Salvadora Robot, the new album from the spirited Colombian band Meridian Brothers, abounds with what sounds like dozens of musical parts fighting for space. Though “fighting” is too harsh a word for it — every sound seems to be wiggling, shaking and shimmying at once. The result is densely kinetic music that glows with effervescence and ease.

Kinetic music that glows with effervescence and ease

“Somos Los Residentas” tumbles through flurries of horns, acres of percussion and vocals that emerge in frantic blurts. It’s as if Talking Heads were sped up two or three times over. The music is laced with the out-there weirdness of Flying Lizards but steeped in the sounds of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, psychedelic Latin rock, Ethiopian jazz and more. Every song is a distinct jumble, but all share a sense of madcap imagination. “De Mi Caballo, Como Su Carne” slows down (relatively speaking) for a spell of salsa vertigo, while the instrumental “El Gran Pajaro de los Andes” flitters with guitars that are heavily flanged and effected. There’s enough creativity in those two songs for ten projects, and they are no more or less creative than the other eight.