Felt, Me And A Monkey On The Moon

Jack Rabid

By Jack Rabid

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A richly rewarding swansong from twee-pop pioneers.

Having seen Felt once, a disaster of a gig at London's Bay 63 in 1985, I dismissed this group, especially their petulant frontman and songwriter Lawrence Hayward, as a bunch of unrepentant underachievers. But as they've been gone for 18 years, live impressions fade and the gentle sway of their lulling little albums lives on. While early Cherry Red EPs such as 1981's debut, Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty, established Felt as twee-pop pioneers (Sarah Records bands such as Field Mice and the Orchids were doubtlessly having an epiphany!), their way more mature and fulsome 1989 swansong Me and a Monkey on the Moon is something less dated and precious. It retains the usual Tom Verlaine and Lou Reed influences (and Hayward still sings like both combined), but with Sound leader Adrian Borland's warm, dripping production, songs such as “I Can't Make Love to You Anymore” and the windswept “Free” are richly rewarding.