William Parker, Mayor of Punkville (with The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra)

Ira Kaplan

By Ira Kaplan

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Raucous, poignant, thrilling.

OK, I've got some idea how someone like the Clean pull it off — three people appearing to think with one brain, jumping off from the Velvet Underground and British beat music. But how do William Parker and the other 16 members of Little Huey do it? The liner notes provide an answer of sorts, but like Penn & Teller, the explanation only makes things more confounding. Wholly improvised, though calling upon some composed parts — right? — the results are raucous and poignant and thrilling. William Parker's like a modern day Sun Ra, holding together not only this band, but countless other ensembles, and in fact the entire annual Vision Festival, in the face of widespread indifference, by some otherwordly force of will. Obviously it's overly simplistic to suggest he's acting on his own, but he does seem to be everywhere at once.