Matias Aguayo, The Visitor

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 06.25.13 in Reviews
Thoroughly steeped in invigorating, choppy rhythms and chants

As half of Closer Musik and on his own, dance producer Matais Aguayo was always an odd duck of Kompakt Records — a label that’s hatched a few. Aguayo is Chilean, and South American rhythms and percussion have made their way increasingly into his recordings; in 2009 he founded the label Cómeme to explore the intersection of analog gear and Latin grooves. It’s not surprising that Aguayo’s decision to issue The Visitor on Cómeme (which Kompakt distributes) means that it’s his most thoroughly steeped in invigorating, choppy rhythms and chants, as well as his archetypal Berlin-bred minimalist psychedelia. “El Sucu Tucu” even nods to the queen of Latin crossover herself, Gloria Estefan, briefly quoting Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga” in the midst of a hard-popping samba groove. The album is stuffed with percussion, as was 2009′s Ay Ay Ay, but this album is less abstruse, friendlier and fully assured.