Marta Topferova, The Other Shore

Tad Hendrickson

By Tad Hendrickson

on 11.08.11 in Reviews

The Other Shore

Marta Topferova
Czech-born singer-songwriter makes her English-language debut

Inspiration is where you find it. Never was this truer than with Marta Topferova, a Czech-born singer-songwriter who recorded four albums of original Latin American folk tunes in Spanish. Now the New York-based singer makes her English-language debut, writing all the music, lyrics and arrangements herself. Her voice is both husky and musical, with a subtle, rounded tone and whimsical phrasing that recalls Nick Drake. She’s backed here by soft acoustic guitar, stringed instruments, horns and light percussion that conjures a distinct sense of restraint and pleasant sense of tension, particularly on “End of Winter” and “Magical Garden.” This is balanced by songs like “Escape from the Grind,” where a long spiky electric guitar solo rises up and breaks the spell with a fresh and assertive counterpoint. This should appeal to fans of Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux without sounding too much like either.