Various Artists – So Called Recordings, manoeuvres 1 – a collection of vancouver electronica

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

manoeuvres 1 - a collection of vancouver electronica

Various Artists - So Called Recordings

The cover of manoeuvres 1 — a collection of vancouver electronica is a brilliantly malleable thing — nearly every track on the compilation seems to embody it in some way. The urban scene, for instance, lends itself nicely to “Step Inside,” a hip-hop tinged electronic soul strut, while the unearthly glow that the orange sky gives off is a perfect match for the exotic and disorienting vibe that Sonicjoy's “Om Nama Shivaya” trades in. Meanwhile, Tomas Jirku's tech-house anthem, “Footloose,” will probably be playing in one of those abandoned warehouses at a late night rave later that night. And you know that the tasteful dub-electro-pop of “Si Vous Me Quittez” is playing in an upscale loft somewhere in the city. The fact that the cover has to be so malleable is a testament to both the city and the artists involved, of course. But, crucially, the compilation is both cohesive and consistently entertaining — so much so that I'm thinking pretty seriously about visiting. When was the last time you thought that after listening to an album?