Colin Hay, Man @ Work

David Pakman

By David Pakman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Man @ Work

Colin Hay
Former Men at Work frontman ditches the keyboards, heads to Nashville.

OK, I know this sounds crazy, but Colin Hay, the former Men at Work lead singer, is a wonderful songwriter. See, if you listen — really listen — those Men at Work hits were actually great songs disguised by '80s-style gratuitous keyboards and over-production. Like many of those devoted to mastering the craft, Hay got religion and moved to Nashville, then made this record of outstanding songs like the optimistic "Beautiful World" and the assertive "Love Is Innocent" as well as excellent re-interpretations of many of the trio from Down Under's past songs ("Down Under," "Overkill," the nuclear-war fearing "It's a Mistake" and of course, "Who Can It Be Now"). Hay's good-humored personality comes through, and he's not afraid to make mundane references to his everyday life (like the kind of tea he drinks) in his songs. You'll enjoy this, as long as you don't think back to what you were doing in high school when you first heard these songs.