Ennio Morricone, Main Titles, Volume One (Disc One)

Elisabeth Vincentelli

By Elisabeth Vincentelli

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Main Titles, Volume One (Disc One)

Ennio Morricone
A perfect introduction to the legendary film composer who will be making his US debut this weekend.

This compilation makes for a pretty good introduction to Morricone's career, since a main title needs to both encapsulate a movie's vibe and also reel in the viewer. Of course, he first made his mark scoring spaghetti westerns, and several pop up here (The Hellbenders, My Name Is Nobody), but he quickly went on to write catchy music for thrillers (Revolver) as well. Still, there's more to Morricone than guns, whether handled by cowboys or mafiosi. How not to be touched by "Chi Mai," his ultra-romantic theme for Jerzy Kawalerowicz's now mostly forgotten Maddalena? Morricone himself liked it so much that he more or less covered it ten years later in The Professional — see disc 2, which actually has several of these string-heavy themes and charts Morricone's path toward an increasing stateliness that's a far cry from his early minimal work.