Namaste, Magical Healing Mantras

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Magical Healing Mantras

Physically relaxing, emotionally refreshing and spiritually invigorating

Twenty-five musicians from around the globe joined together in the creation of this remarkable recording. The mantras sung in these ancient bhajans are the equivalent of prayers that act as formulas for protection, guidance, clarity and the opening of the heart center. Westerners need not concern themselves with the literal meaning of the Sanskrit words that power these paeans to Hindu deities. The power lies in the sound of the words themselves and the voices that carry the frequency of their spiritual intent. Acoustic guitar, finger symbols, harmonium, flute and light synths add a flavor of evocative ambience to the whole affair. The sum effect of Namaste's devotion and delivery is a set of recordings that is physically relaxing, emotionally refreshing and spiritually invigorating.