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Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The Monkees live on in Sunderland’s football compilation

Every few seasons a new chant appears with enough universal appeal to be adapted by the fans of almost any club. Set to the tune of "Daydream Believer," "Cheer Up Peter Reid" was one such ditty. Starting life as a terrace chant aimed by Sunderland fans at their famously morose-looking manager, the song became a top 50 hit when recorded by Simply Red and White. Soon, all fans adapted the song to suit their own needs, using it either as an affectionate tribute — or as an attack on a despised opponent! Just three years later another Sunderland terrace chant, "Niall Quinn's Disco Pants," was taken to the lower edges of the charts by A Love Supreme. The song had been composed by Manchester City fans earlier in the player's career, but Sunderland took up its poetic couplets: “Niall Quinn's disco pants are the best/They go up from his arse to his chest/They're better than Adam and the Ants/Niall Quinn's disco pants.” Both are included here, along with a selection of Mackem anthems.