Mac DeMarco, 2

Evan Minsker

By Evan Minsker

on 10.16.12 in Reviews
Embarking on a yacht-rock voyage

Mac DeMarco’s solo debut from earlier this year, Rock & Roll Night Club, painted the Montreal singer as a breathy, unnaturally deep-voiced, unwholesome creep. On his follow-up, 2, DeMarco has left that caricature for a more reasonable vocal register, a jangling guitar and a set of breezy love songs. Here, DeMarco embarks on a yacht-rock voyage, offering pop songs that are easy, carefree and romantic. Strumming a vaguely tropical-sounding twangy guitar and crooning gently, he focuses on the simple things – his favorite brand of cigarette, for example – and treats them simply. (From “My Kind of Woman”: “Oh baby, oh man/ You’re making me crazy, you’re really drivin’ me mad.”) But shot through with his infectious melodies and sense of goodwill, DeMarco delivers an album of satisfyingly consistent mellow gold. The final song is just DeMarco his acoustic guitar, and his falsetto, crooning the word “together” repeatedly – a fitting cap for the album’s tone of longing, romance and nostalgia.