Lucius, Wildewoman

Laura Leebove

By Laura Leebove

Managing Editor
on 10.15.13 in Reviews

As Lucius, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig built a following through their mesmerizing live shows and a raw, four-song 2012 EP of tender, ’60s girl-group harmonies; in the last year they’ve played Bonnaroo and Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, and they also contributed glorious, Dirty Projectors-channeling vocals to the recent self-titled debut from San Fermin. In the title track of the band’s first full-length Wildewoman, they paint a picture of a mischievous gal with wild hair and ripped jeans — “she’s no beauty queen, but you’ll love her anyways.” The women in these songs, or the voices that sing about them, won’t be held down — and all of Wildewoman exudes this confidence as it seamlessly combines organic, soulful voices with a wider, more electric range of instrumentation.

Organic, soulful voices with a wider, more electric range of instrumentation

The handclap-driven cheerleader-pop hit “Turn It Around,” the catchiest from Lucius’s EP, is snappier, funkier and more bass-heavy; “Tempest” alternates between steady acoustic guitar and glimmering synthesizers; and the band swells to arena size by the end of “Until We Get There” and closing track “How Loud Your Heart Gets.” Wolfe and Laessig’s voices remain the focus here, always so locked together that it’s hard to tell which belongs to whom — but now the rest of the band has caught up and turned Lucius into a well-oiled pop machine.