Akron/Family, Love Is Simple

Andy Beta

By Andy Beta

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Love Is Simple

Band of itinerants give their favorite musics a big group hug.

From the album title to the opening live singalong of “Love, Love, Love (Everyone)” and its closing reprise, Akron/ Family's third full-length is all about that four-letter L word. They came together in Brooklyn in 2002 under the freak-folk banner, but Akron/ Family is a band of itinerants, wandering between the Pacific Northwest, upstate New York, and rural Pennsylvania. Those peripatetic tendencies resound in the music itself, which fidgets about like some sonic strain of ADD. It helps to know that if one part of a song is a tad much (say, the amalgam of Frank Zappa and the Pogues on “Of All Things”), there'll be another style coming along in the next two minutes. “Ed Is a Portal” veers from frenetic country jamboree to outer space trip-hop chant in an eye-blink, while “There's So Many Colors” grows from a campfire hoot into an incandescent Neil Young & Crazy Horse flame-out. They can't sit still no matter how nice the pastoral surroundings, but Akron/ Family love such a wide range of music that it's easy enough to forgive them for trying to give it all a big group hug.